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Activities for Teenagers

Activities for Adolescents

Activity 1
Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunts are fun, memorable activities that can be carried out with EL students of all ages, there are thousands of ideas on line. The idea is for them be separated into groups, go outdoors searching for a list of "things"** written on a piece of paper, at the end, they must "report" what they did using simple past as the main grammar subject to be focused on:
e.g. **Find a restaurant napkin,          
When Ss come back to the classroom they must write a report on what, where, when, how they found (using simple past) all the "things".
They’re easy to create and can be designed according to students’ ages, levels, the number of students, etc.
Materials to be used:
·         Scavenger hunt list (print one of the PDFs below or create your own)
·         Pen or pencil
·         Bag or box to collect items in

·         Prize (to reward the winners)


1.      Choose the team’s leader: _______________________________________
2.      Answer questions in an appropriate way.
3.      At the library, ask for the librarian’s full name  ____________________________________________________________
4.      What are the open hours of the library?
5.      How many sculptures are there in the school? ___________ Take a picture of the whole team next to each sculpture
6.      How many restrooms are available for students? ____________
7.      How many steps do you need to take to get to the cafeteria from your classroom? _________________________________
8.      What’s the secretary’s full name? _______________________________
9.      Write the English teacher’s full names you find at the teacher’s lounge, at the moment you get there: ____________________________________________________________
10.  Bring back:      a green pebble
a piece of cement
a piece of metal
a tree leaf
a petal (from a flower fallen on the floor)
a restaurant napkin
11.  Picture of the whole team in the cafeteria
12.  Picture of the whole team hugging a tree (because we care about nature)
13.  Make a 1-minute video of the team pretending there is an earthquake

14.   Write a report of your experience doing this Scavenger Hunt and make an oral presentation, each student will be evaluated, so practice pronunciation, grammar, fluency, vocalization, etc.

Computer Lab

  You are going to practice your understanding through games:

Activity 2
Grammar Game
  Click on the dice, choose the correct answer to the question and click on the submit button to check if it's right or wrong. Enjoy the following link:

Snakes and Ladders Game

Activity 3
Reading and Sequencing Game

  Read the information of each block, put the correct number on the block and submit to check if it's right or wrong. Enjoy the following link:

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